25 Feb

We’re on hiatus until further notice, if you haven’t noticed. Sorry!

A wild Davus appears!

12 Oct

Since I’m planning a Halloween/horror games post, I guess I should make an intro first, huh?

I am David aka Davus, and have been into Japanese games since before I even knew there was a difference. I am the resident weeaboo in that I regularly look into and play doujin games. Hopefully I’ll write about some/provide links to here if freeware.

I probably have the least formal writing training, so my apologies to poor Michelle, who has to check/edit these posts, and you, dear readers, who have to deal with my free-form babbling. I hope my writing will have personality enough to stand on its own even if it isn’t the most technically sound.

My preferred genres are Shmups (preferably vertical), JRPGs, fighters, dungeon crawlers, and anything that has a quirk that makes it stand out, even if it’s not as good as its competition.

Hobbies include Koreabooing, crochet, and video games.



30 Sep


School is eating me. I have many credit hours to deal with (and a part-time job), and the rest of my developing 99PD team is consumed by life and work.

We’ll stay connected through our comments and social media avenues, but ideas for new posts have been placed on the backburner as we deal with life.

Sorry for our inactivity, but we’ll get back to posting as soon as possible. It might be a few months, in my case.

Thanks for sticking with us so far! You’re the best.

Oh, no! Another Introduction!?

28 Aug


Kyle here. Michelle finally managed to harass me long enough for me to post on here, so here I am.

I’m sort of an adult. Yep. I moved out of my mom’s after graduating high school and moved in with my grandmother. I managed to go to college for a year before she fell ill and I had to drop out to take care of her. She recently passed away and I had to move in with my OTHER grandmother. I’m starting to find my way in the world; I found a job and am looking for another so I can move out with Michelle. But! Enough about that.

I love video games. I’ve been playing them as long as I can remember. My first prominent memory is playing Diablo online with my dad and running ahead in dungeons as he was telling me not to, promptly getting us both killed.


Especially this room. It housed the Butcher, an incredibly hard-hitting boss that easily wiped us out countless times because I was a smart child and kept opening the door.

I would say I’m mainly mixed between gaming. JRPGs have a place in my heart, but so do Western RPGs and MMOs.

Although I am not as niche and focused on JRPGs as Michelle, I do enjoy them. I also enjoy bashing on games I absolutely hate; that’s a lot of fun. Dislikes? I dislike a lot of things, mainly douchebags in gaming (douchebags in general), mainstream games that do not deserve to be so popular (Call of Duty mainly), and vegan food. I HATE vegan food.

So look forward to my posts being full of hatred and rage. Or praise. I do that sometimes too.

Intro to Playing Japanese Visual Novels with AGTH, ATLAS, and Translation Aggregator

28 Jul

As promised, I’ll give you an intro to some programs used to translate Japanese visual novels into English. More like Engrish. The translations aren’t that good, but a bad translation is better than no translation, and for those who really want to play Japanese visual novels (and have no knowledge of the language), that’s good enough.

So, here we go! Michelle’s Amateur Introductory Tutorial to Playing Japanese Visual Novels on PC with AGTH, ATLAS, and Translation Aggregator! That…is a very long title.

Now, my first draft of this ended up being sort of outlawy. Some routes one can take to play these games are not-so-legal, and in order to have, like, integrity or something (assuming blogs need integrity), I am not going to describe how to do stuff that’s illegal. Plus, I don’t want to get in trouble. The Internet is filled with more appropriate places/forums to discuss those things. Sorry!

Let’s get started.

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Still Not Digitized

13 Jul

Things did not go as planned.

Kyle didn’t have his laptop (Zeus) with him the last few times I saw him. I started the tutorial and installed the game but still have to hook up AGTH and other things, which will require more time. Sorry! As soon as it’s done, I’ll put it up. It probably won’t be up Saturday, as I was hoping. There will be screenshots and helpfulness.

And weird personal touches.

Michelle: “Your computer is taking forever to restart.”

Kyle: “It’s Zeus, man. He doesn’t like being turned off.”

Because Zeus. Dirty old man. Oh, Greek mythology.

Anyway, you may have heard that Namco Bandai’s bringing Tales of Xillia to the States. Europe, too. Hurray! I guess they’re doing one thing right. The one thing that they were most likely to even do right.

I still want Digimon World Re:Digitize more than anything. I’ve been taking care of my version one virtual pet (Greymon is 19 days old now; I don’t remember these things EVER living that long) and playing Digimon World.

Since I can’t play this on my PSP…


I’ll just…put it on top of it.

You see that frown? He’s frowning because he’s not localized, in my PSP, and SHOOTING THINGS UP.

Once the hope in me dies, I’ll probably import Digimon World Re:Digitize. I can’t not play it.

Expand Your Gaming Horizons and Try Out a Visual Novel

4 Jul

This weekend I’m going to an anime convention, so I won’t be doing an update this Saturday. I’ll be on schedule next week, though.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be installing an otome game onto Kyle’s computer. I’ll do a tutorial on the right way to install and how to link text hookers and English translators and such to a Japanese visual novel. At least, I’ll try, because that stuff can get crazy and varies between games. I am no master of all this technical stuff. But I get things to work, and that’s good enough for me!

For those unfamiliar, visual novels are basically like a “choose your own adventure” book. There are character sprites and static backgrounds and music and voice acting and CG graphics at key events, and you usually go through the game in first person. You spend a lot of time reading, since, you know, it’s a visual novel. It’s common for them to have branching storylines, and depending on the game, several characters eligible to date. Here, I have a screenshot sitting around here somewhere…

Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori, the game I shall be putting on Kyle’s computer. Fair warning if you want to look it up: it isn’t quite SFW.

There are a lot of different types of visual novels. Phoenix Wright (DS) and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS) both fall into this category. So does Katawa Shoujo (PC) and Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (PSP). Both Hakuoki and Akazukin (screenshot above) are otome games. Otome games are created with ladies in mind, have a female protagonist, and several characters (usually male) to fall in love with along the course of the adventure.

The manliest men play otome games, you know, because they’re comfortable with their sexuality and like some romance in their lives. ;D …but I think Kyle’s mostly playing Akazukin because the girl’s cute and there are some nice sex scenes. It’s like sexy Red Riding Hood! Hey, we’re adults, and we’ll play R-18 games if we want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the non-adults or for those who don’t want the occasional raunchy scene, there are plenty of otome games that aren’t R-18. Hakuoki isn’t, for instance. And that one’s in English, one of the only ones ever localized!

Alice in the Country of Hearts (Heart no Kuni no Alice) doesn’t have anything explicit, either. The manga series has gotten pretty popular over here in the States, so you may have heard of it. It’s based on QuinRose’s game series.

If you’re interested, get yourself a game, and I’ll show you the basics next week!