A wild Davus appears!

12 Oct

Since I’m planning a Halloween/horror games post, I guess I should make an intro first, huh?

I am David aka Davus, and have been into Japanese games since before I even knew there was a difference. I am the resident weeaboo in that I regularly look into and play doujin games. Hopefully I’ll write about some/provide links to here if freeware.

I probably have the least formal writing training, so my apologies to poor Michelle, who has to check/edit these posts, and you, dear readers, who have to deal with my free-form babbling. I hope my writing will have personality enough to stand on its own even if it isn’t the most technically sound.

My preferred genres are Shmups (preferably vertical), JRPGs, fighters, dungeon crawlers, and anything that has a quirk that makes it stand out, even if it’s not as good as its competition.

Hobbies include Koreabooing, crochet, and video games.


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