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25 Feb

We’re on hiatus until further notice, if you haven’t noticed. Sorry!


30 Sep


School is eating me. I have many credit hours to deal with (and a part-time job), and the rest of my developing 99PD team is consumed by life and work.

We’ll stay connected through our comments and social media avenues, but ideas for new posts have been placed on the backburner as we deal with life.

Sorry for our inactivity, but we’ll get back to posting as soon as possible. It might be a few months, in my case.

Thanks for sticking with us so far! You’re the best.

Still Not Digitized

13 Jul

Things did not go as planned.

Kyle didn’t have his laptop (Zeus) with him the last few times I saw him. I started the tutorial and installed the game but still have to hook up AGTH and other things, which will require more time. Sorry! As soon as it’s done, I’ll put it up. It probably won’t be up Saturday, as I was hoping. There will be screenshots and helpfulness.

And weird personal touches.

Michelle: “Your computer is taking forever to restart.”

Kyle: “It’s Zeus, man. He doesn’t like being turned off.”

Because Zeus. Dirty old man. Oh, Greek mythology.

Anyway, you may have heard that Namco Bandai’s bringing Tales of Xillia to the States. Europe, too. Hurray! I guess they’re doing one thing right. The one thing that they were most likely to even do right.

I still want Digimon World Re:Digitize more than anything. I’ve been taking care of my version one virtual pet (Greymon is 19 days old now; I don’t remember these things EVER living that long) and playing Digimon World.

Since I can’t play this on my PSP…


I’ll just…put it on top of it.

You see that frown? He’s frowning because he’s not localized, in my PSP, and SHOOTING THINGS UP.

Once the hope in me dies, I’ll probably import Digimon World Re:Digitize. I can’t not play it.

99PD is linked to Facebook and Twitter!

21 Jun

Hurray, social media! The Facebook and Twitter pages are both barren at the moment, so please pardon our dust as I make everything look nice.

99 Phoenix Downs will be updating once a week, every Saturday! Although, I might get excited about something and post more often than that. But there will at least be a post every Saturday.

EDIT (8/20/2012): Lulz. I lied. Sorry. >_>;

This weekend, a preview for Theatrhythm on 3DS! Why you’ll love it, why you should preorder it (and where), and why it’s proof that Japan still makes cool stuff. 😉

Until then, you all should head to McDonald’s, assuming you’re in North America. Why? Because they have Pokemon in their Happy Meals again! Yay!

The Pikachu sits perfectly on my Wii. It’s kind of awesome.

Yes, I am legally an adult. No, I do not care that I am buying Happy Meals.

This wonderfulness will be going on until July 5th, which is when they’re switching to Ice Age toys or something. You can get a Pikachu, Axew, Dewott, Pignite, Servine, or Woobat. Each one comes with one of twelve TCG cards.

I’m hoping I get a Woobat. I discovered that my boyfriend lovingly nicknamed one “Fatball” in Pokemon White, and I find this absolutely hilarious. I want a Fatball. Theoretically, I could just ask to buy the toys directly instead of getting Happy Meals and going with chance, but that’s no fun.

Pick up a Happy Meal and enjoy yourself! Get a neat toy to perch on your game consoles. That should occupy you until this weekend.

See you then!

Summertime means game time

8 Jun

Alright, I’ll be honest.

This blog was created as a class assignment. The semester ended. The class ended. And then I plunged face-first into summer, controller in hand. Okay, I do things OTHER than game, but y’know. There isn’t much time for video games when the semester is kicking my butt. Or a social life. Or anything.

What I’m trying to say is that I am a slacker, a college kid, and I wanted to be unproductive for a while.

My internship is about to end. When the stress of that isn’t knotting up the back of my head, I’ll get back to posting things of substance.

Relevant things churning in my brainz that will soon be discussed:

  • Atelier Rorona is still not oppressive with its deadlines, y’babies. I will follow up my Rorona review after I reach the end of the game.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles is incredible. Great cinematography, attention to detail, voice acting, story, gameplay, scenery, everything. Man. I haven’t played a game like this for years. There is so much to do. I’m like sixty hours in. I’ll do a full review when I finish it.
  • I want to talk about otome games. Hakuoki (PSP), in particular. I’m a sucker for those. I’ve been thinking about doing reviews of the ones I’ve played on my PC (while struggling with text hookers and laughing over terrible translations), but since I don’t have a grasp of Japanese I won’t be able to judge them properly. Those will be silly and for fun.
  • 3DS things I am excited about, like Project Happiness, Fire Emblem, and Kingdom Hearts
  • I think Code of Princess is dumb
  • Project Diva at E3
  • I recently played Bastion. AMAZING. Not Japanese, but amazing. I’m breaking the rules of my little nichey focus. OH MAN. Sue me. Whatever, just play Bastion. The new Humble Indie Bundle’s got it. You have no excuse not to!
  • Other Japanesey and non-Japanesey things/games
  • jesus christ a giant earwig monster just crawled out of the stove and now it’s gone I swear to god it’s going to eat me if I never post again you know why holy crap where did it go oh god I’m leaving all the lights on please don’t come in my room you terrifying insect

Enjoy your summer, folks! I’ll be back soon (I hope).

Loading screen

24 Apr

A real post will come soon.

Prepare yourselves.