Oh, no! Another Introduction!?

28 Aug


Kyle here. Michelle finally managed to harass me long enough for me to post on here, so here I am.

I’m sort of an adult. Yep. I moved out of my mom’s after graduating high school and moved in with my grandmother. I managed to go to college for a year before she fell ill and I had to drop out to take care of her. She recently passed away and I had to move in with my OTHER grandmother. I’m starting to find my way in the world; I found a job and am looking for another so I can move out with Michelle. But! Enough about that.

I love video games. I’ve been playing them as long as I can remember. My first prominent memory is playing Diablo online with my dad and running ahead in dungeons as he was telling me not to, promptly getting us both killed.


Especially this room. It housed the Butcher, an incredibly hard-hitting boss that easily wiped us out countless times because I was a smart child and kept opening the door.

I would say I’m mainly mixed between gaming. JRPGs have a place in my heart, but so do Western RPGs and MMOs.

Although I am not as niche and focused on JRPGs as Michelle, I do enjoy them. I also enjoy bashing on games I absolutely hate; that’s a lot of fun. Dislikes? I dislike a lot of things, mainly douchebags in gaming (douchebags in general), mainstream games that do not deserve to be so popular (Call of Duty mainly), and vegan food. I HATE vegan food.

So look forward to my posts being full of hatred and rage. Or praise. I do that sometimes too.

One Response to “Oh, no! Another Introduction!?”

  1. Michelle August 29, 2012 at 9:42 PM #

    Hey, I don’t JUST play Japanese games…they’re just my favorites.

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