Theatrhythm on 3DS: Why you should be excited about it

23 Jun

Japanese release: February 16, 2012
North American: July 3, 2012
European: July 6, 2012

Look at how charming Theatrhythm is!

Why you should be excited:

  • It’s adorable
  • It’s a rhythm game with fun RPG elements
  • Final Fantasy music is fantastic
  • Is that nostalgia making you feel all warm and fuzzy? I bet it is.

Theatrhythm’s been out in Japan for a while. That’s enough time for the rest of the world to figure out that this game is equal parts awesome and strange. Famitsu, Japan’s most respected gaming magazine, gave the game a 10,9,9,8 (36/40). Nobuo Uematsu himself was reduced to tears when he played it for the first time. Twenty years of work on these games carries a lot of memories.

The Final Fantasy soundtracks never fail to evoke feeling. They’re powerful, fantastic works of art. Anyone who’s played the series will attest to that. It makes perfect sense to make a rhythm game featuring really awesome music! I don’t see why anyone thinks this is weird. Do they have ears?

Theatrhythm is geared towards the fans; it unabashedly plays off of nostalgia. It’s a 25th anniversary treat! Speaking of Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary (and treats), did you see the amazing cake that Square Enix had made? But I digress. Those who aren’t fans of the series might not care for Theatrhythm, but FF fans will be head-over-heels.

Gameplay is quirky and cute. I love how the squishy Kingdom Hearts Mobile character design is seeing more use.
Final Fantasy characters from every main installment of the series make an appearance. You can bring them along in your party as you play through the musical story of the FF of your choosing! Awwrrh, lookit them fight those bad guys…

Theatrhythm has over seventy tracks, but more have been released as downloadable content. Unfortunately, this is the first 3DS game that has DLC you have to pay for. (As if Square hasn’t taken enough of our money these past twenty-five years.) We’ll be getting DLC in America as well. Because Square was hoping to release about fifty tracks as DLC, I hope they cost a quarter apiece or something.

I’m excited to mess with the RPG elements. Theatrhythm is a rhythm game, but you can find loot and equip your characters with skills and items. How neat is that? I haven’t looked into the details of how it works; I’d rather explore it myself when I receive my copy. But these screenshots give you an idea of what to expect.

Oh, and did I mention the preorder goodies?! I am a sucker for free stuff. If you preorder Theatrhythm, you get a gripped stylus and cute stickers that you can put on it (or, well, anything else). Pretty simple and silly, but who cares! It’s free, and I was going to get the game anyway.

Theatrhythm is the standard price of $40.
Where you can preorder: Square’s online store, Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us

Things to consider:

  • Toys “R” Us offers free shipping on their website, but I see no specific mention of the preorder goodies
  • Best Buy has free shipping, and does mention the goodies
  • Amazon has free shipping, goodies, Pre-order Price Guarantee, and no tax! Well, it depends on your state, but in IL we don’t have to pay more for tax 😉

If I were you, I’d go with Amazon. Even if you select the free shipping option instead of a faster method (that you have to pay extra for), they have a tendency of giving you release-date delivery anyway. I guarantee nothing, but this happened with the last game I preordered from them. Also, they’ve already adjusted the price once when I wasn’t looking; with the Price Guarantee, that knocked ten bucks off my price! So, I pay no tax, save ten bucks, get free things, and will probably receive it the day it’s out. Sweet deal, huh?

Are you excited? I hope you’re excited. Get hyped! This game’s going to be a lot of fun.

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