99PD is linked to Facebook and Twitter!

21 Jun

Hurray, social media! The Facebook and Twitter pages are both barren at the moment, so please pardon our dust as I make everything look nice.

99 Phoenix Downs will be updating once a week, every Saturday! Although, I might get excited about something and post more often than that. But there will at least be a post every Saturday.

EDIT (8/20/2012): Lulz. I lied. Sorry. >_>;

This weekend, a preview for Theatrhythm on 3DS! Why you’ll love it, why you should preorder it (and where), and why it’s proof that Japan still makes cool stuff. 😉

Until then, you all should head to McDonald’s, assuming you’re in North America. Why? Because they have Pokemon in their Happy Meals again! Yay!

The Pikachu sits perfectly on my Wii. It’s kind of awesome.

Yes, I am legally an adult. No, I do not care that I am buying Happy Meals.

This wonderfulness will be going on until July 5th, which is when they’re switching to Ice Age toys or something. You can get a Pikachu, Axew, Dewott, Pignite, Servine, or Woobat. Each one comes with one of twelve TCG cards.

I’m hoping I get a Woobat. I discovered that my boyfriend lovingly nicknamed one “Fatball” in Pokemon White, and I find this absolutely hilarious. I want a Fatball. Theoretically, I could just ask to buy the toys directly instead of getting Happy Meals and going with chance, but that’s no fun.

Pick up a Happy Meal and enjoy yourself! Get a neat toy to perch on your game consoles. That should occupy you until this weekend.

See you then!

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