Wait, what? An introduction?

30 Apr


I sort of neglected to mention myself or what this blog was all about. In my previous post, I just addressed the issue that sparked the idea for the blog in the first place. That was sort of an introduction, right?


Okay, well, I’m Michelle. I’m technically an adult. I’m a student at Columbia College Chicago, aiming for a major in Fiction Writing and a minor in Web Development.

I really like video games. Most of my favorites end up being from Japan. These will be addressed in individual posts in due time, I’m sure.

I really dislike mayonnaise. And geese. Geese are mean birds, and they crap all over the places I need to go.

Axel/Lea from Kingdom Hearts

Additionally, Axel is my favorite person on the planet. No matter what I do, it’s always the redheads…

As for the name of the blog: most people reading this probably know what a Phoenix Down is. It’s an item that’s iconic of the Final Fantasy series. You use it in battle to resurrect a party member whose hit points have been reduced to zero. Makes sense, right? Phoenixes do all sorts of resurrecty things. Including (but not limited to) bringing your friends back to life!

Then my brain spiraled into a metaphor. Japan’s got ninety-nine Phoenix Downs left in its inventory! The max amount of an item allowed (in most cases). So even though they’re struggling through this nasty final boss (at least in The Game of Japan Trying to Be Really Cool Again), they have a whole bunch of healing items and a whole lot of potential!

Or maybe I just wanted to call the blog “Phoenix Down” and the name was taken everywhere, so I stuck a number to it.

Pluralizing the word was a confusing, agonizing process, by the way. If you want to know how I settled on “99 Phoenix Downs”, you should click The Name up at the right! Or just click right here, you lazy bastard.

Anyway, here it is! 99 Phoenix Downs. I’ll talk about new Japanese games, sort of new Japanese games, old Japanese games, and stuff about Japanese games. And maybe some non-Japanese ones sometimes.

Hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

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